A physical tool kit for discovering career clarity in minutes.

Career Clarity is a step-by-step experience that gives people the direction and clarity they need to be fulfilled at work. When used with teams, it improves engagement in two weeks. Its simple mechanics mean individuals or new managers can use it without training.

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How Career Clarity Works

Career Clarity is a step-by-step approach to having the most meaningful conversation you’ve ever had about your career. This 45-60 minute exercise can be used by even the most inexperienced manager to facilitate positive career journeys for employees and that have an immediate impact on engagement.

Step 1

Find greater purpose and clarity by discovering what matters most with Career Cards

Use our cards and game-like mechanics to identify the 5 motivators that matter most today, and explore whether needs are being met. This forced sorting exercise prompts reflection and creates natural conversation. “I’ve never had this level of career clarity!”

Step 2

Make real progress with small experiments using the Career Roadmap

Our step-by-step roadmap is based on Design Thinking principles such as “bias towards action” and “have an experimentation mindset”. Create clear, actionable experiments that lead to real career progress.

Common Questions

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Does Career Clarity work remotely (aka How does this work in a COVID world)?

The physical nature of Career Clarity has proven to be superior to digital options in all of our research and testing. So rather than attempt to digitize the experience, we’ve figured out how to facilitate the conversation remotely. 

We’re offering an optional desk-mounted phone stand. The individual using the cards joins a video conferencing call on both their phone and computer. The laptop shows their face, so you can read body language, and the phone captures the card interactions. Watching the subtle interactions of pausing, touching, and moving cards provides great prompts for a manager to better understand the thought process of their team. This solution has proven successful in our testing.

Can I use Career Clarity for myself?

Absolutely, but the process is often enhanced by doing it with someone you trust. We suggest you find a partner such as a colleague, spouse, or friend.

Does everyone on my team need one?

Providing a toolkit for each person is recommended. Purchasing individual Career Clarity kits is a great signal to your team that you’re investing in their career. In a remote world, each person needs a copy in their hands to complete the exercise.

Don’t lose great employees. Together, you can discover what they care about most with Career Clarity.

Lack of career development is the #1 reason people leave jobs 

Intentionally physical (and remote friendly) in a digital world

Despite frequent requests, there will not be a digital version of Career Clarity. This isn’t hipster elitism, it’s just science.

We’re optimizing for impact, not convenience. 

Physical experiences like Career Clarity activate more senses, inspire greater creativity, build deeper relationships, and have more enduring impact—even when used remotely with video conferencing. Plus, when Career Clarity arrives in a package at your employee’s front door, you can be sure they won’t ignore it.


In a digital world, where so much is on a screen and keyboard, this is taking a completely different approach. It’s old school and generates the kinds of conversations that employees and managers need to be having with each other. 

—Dr. John Bingham, Professor at BYU

Designed to be used in minutes without training.

You need a simple framework for career development. Most career frameworks are too complex and require extensive training to understand and use—a tall order for new managers and busy employees.

Career Clarity is an intuitive, elegant experience that employees and managers can use right away to have a meaningful career discussion. If you have employees looking outside your org for a new opportunity, then leverage the speed of Career Clarity to re-engage them so they don’t leave.


This actually makes manager’s lives easier. Such a simple way to facilitate a tough conversation.

—Taylor Blake, Founder at LearnIn

Results without waiting for an implementation

Career Clarity is a tangible, real world (but remote friendly), conversational experience. As such, there’s no security review, lengthly implementation, or GDPR concerns. Employees don’t need to learn a new app, interface, and workflow.

With Career Clarity, you’ll be putting physical, intuitive tools into employees hands that will help them in their careers right now. Not in 3 years. 


This is a structured activity that can be easily adopted to helping managers have more meaningful career conversations and 1:1s.

—Logan Dunn, Director of Marketing at Wyze


Employee driven, science backed

With the Career Cards and Career Roadmap literally in their hands, employees know they are in control of the experience. Our step-by-step process ensures they never get stuck, and gives them flexibility to adapt as they see fit.

Career Clarity draws from psychology, cognitive theory, and proven conversational frameworks. We’re designers, so we used design thinking methods to test our process with hundreds of employees over several iterations to find the perfect balance between employee control and helpful support.


This is not just another HR tech solution. This works how most people want to work.

—Gordon Ritchie, Principle at INWorkHR

Life-changing career clarity from a conversation

Have you ever made an important life or career decision without a conversation with someone you trust? Probably not. Conversations are seemingly simple, but unquestionably effective.

Career Clarity will help employees discover what matters most in their career through a simple step-by-step conversation. Employees say it’s the most insightful career conversation they’ve ever had, and it’s helped them be more fulfilled in their career and life.

You just wanted better career development scores on your next engagement survey? You are about to over deliver.


This helps people define success for themselves vs letting others tell them what matters.

—Jess Felts, Career Coach


Buy Career Clarity for Yourself

Take ownership of your career journey, by discovering what matters most to you. Then take tangible steps to move closer to your goals. The toolkit guides you step-by-step.


1 Deck of Career Cards

Battle tested forced-sorting activity to help you figure out what matters most in your career. These are premium, linen-finished playing cards printed in the USA.


Conversation Guide & Instructions

The included Conversation Guide & Instructions provide more detail on how to facilitate a good career conversation, and step by step questions to help even new managers suceed in facilitating.


Career Roadmap

A step-by-step guide to identify small, actionable experiements that help you make move your career forward.

Online version available today. Printed version coming Q1 2021.


Online Resources & Training

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Improve your team’s engagement and retention by helping them take clear steps towards advancing their career. Career Clarity is simple, so that even a new manager can have a dramatic impact on team engagement.

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Original price was: $97.Current price is: $47.