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written by  Ryan Seamons

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If we sat down and I told you I was going to make a movie of your life, what parts come to mind?

Is it the “dream” events? The car you bought? Getting the big job? Your wedding day?

More than likely it’s less visible things. Times you worked especially hard? Someone who had an impact on you or someone you had an impact on? A small moment of compassion, connection, or learning?

Even in stories about big things, the interesting parts are the small details. Don’t miss the small details thinking some big moment will “fix” everything.

What moments matter to you?

I’m reminded of the story of a father and his teenage son. One summer the family went on a series of fun vacations, including memorable historical sites. At the end of the summer, the dad asked his son which experience he enjoyed the most from the summer.

“The thing I liked best this summer was the night you and I laid on the lawn and looked at the stars and talked.” (source)

In the end, the stories that matters aren’t always the ones that seem the biggest at the moment. The critical moments are often times of learning, connect, or failure, even if they aren’t glamorous.

What non-glamorous story is worth telling from your life?


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