We guide managers who want better engagement from their teams

Groove is a work experience design company that helps leaders improve engagement using step-by-step products and services to create work environments people love.

Our team has designed fantastic employee experiences at companies like:

Products for Better Engagement Today

Guided conversational experiences for when you need better engagement ASAP. Built for specific engagement challenges and battle-tested through user research. Each physical product + online playbook takes “employee-driven” to a new level.

Physical tools that deploy immediately for faster results

Make a difference today while waiting for your tech solutions to be implemented.

Guide inexperienced managers so they can make an impact

Designed so inexperienced leaders can make an impact without extensive training.

Teach modern leadership fundamentals

Leaders learn new skills on the go as they facilitate incredible conversations with their team.

Career Clarity

A fast, fun way to talk about what matters most for your career growth

Role Clarity Guide

Get clear about your role and how you add value to your organization


Purpose Planner

Align your culture, strategy, and decision making process

Coming 2021

“This will be my go-to for conversations with my team this next year.”

Engineering Manager, Apple

Hands-on Services to Help Leaders Improve Engagement

Quick ways to get answers that put your team on the right path toward better engagement

Strategy Alignment

Getting everyone on the same page has never been more difficult. And you see the symptoms: competing priorities, decision deadlock, firefighting and burnout

The solution is to get aligned, fast. We teach a better way to set and communicate strategy. You’ll use design thinking, flexible roadmapping, and experiments. This is a targeted, hands-on experience with your executive team where you’ll learn by doing. You’ll walk out of the room aligned with concrete next steps

Modern Management

Management is being disrupted as orgs shift towards employee-driven work. Poor management is a main driver of low engagement.

We teach your leaders fundamental new approaches to working that empower and inspire your teams to do quality work that’s aligned to specific objectives.

Our training covers mechanics (what you actually do as a manager) and mindset (a more human approach to managing).

Prototyping for Teams

Bureaucracy and the momentum of the past make it difficult to make progress. Learn how to launch programs that get results, fast. Get help creating a productive team your employees will love. 

We work with you to do direct research, prototype team changes, and apply product management for non-product teams. We’re designers and product managers who have deep experience at the intersection of talent and design.

This goes beyond theoretical online courses about design thinking. We work directly on your toughest business challenges.

Skills Strategy

We don’t believe in skill audits. You don’t need to know or develop every possible skill that exists.

Winning teams know what capabilities will give them a competitive advantage. This is Moneyball for talent teams. We share everything we’ve learned building skills products and teams at companies like LinkedIn and Degreed.

We work with you to identify the unique skill combinations you need to deliver on your mission. Then we teach you how to run this for teams and individuals. 

“Hiring Ryan was invaluable. I learned so many things about how to engage our team so we could make real progress.


It made a huge difference.”

Alvin Makino
Product Manager, Capital Group

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