Do you enjoy your work? (an update about this newsletter)

written by  Ryan Seamons

The #1 regret of the dying is that they didn’t live a life true to what they wanted. I’ve been taking my own medicine lately and asking myself, “What do I want?”. The consulting business I’ve been running has been adapting to all the change and I’ve made a number of personal adaptations myself.

I’m excited to update this weekly email. Moving forward it will be called Patterns with a focus on the patterns that help us find work we love and enjoy the work we do.

I plan to continue with similar content I’ve been writing about: models, stories, tips, and questions each week to inspire intentional reflection + action that can impact the way work you experience your work.

Read more, including my story about how this journey started when I worked at a grocery store at age 16, at Enjoy Your Work, a personal manifesto about working with joy.

Also, watch this 2-minute clip to see what enjoying your work can look like:

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I appreciate the continued support many on this list have shown. It is inspiring to hear the many responses to questions I ask. I am honored to know many of you and be a part of your journey to find purpose and do work that matters.

What does joy look like in your work?

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