Practical links and advice from what I learn about product and parenting

written by  Ryan Seamons

Hello. I’m Ryan Seamons. I enjoy being a parent to 5 kids and helping leaders turn team friction into flow as a cofounder @ Sprintwell.

People often ask my wife and I how we have managed while living kind of crazy lives — multiple moves & traveling around the globe as a family, navigating an always changing career from the hyper-growth years at LinkedIn to founding a company, and homeschooling 5 kids.

Our secret is that we’re always learning.

Every week I learn new things from books I read, other content I consume, and my own experiences. I curate the highlights for anyone who wants to learn along with me.

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Topics include: product management, product leadership, company culture, management, parenting, education, career development, and more.

About the Author

Ryan Seamons
writes about more human approaches to modern management.

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