Career conversations as easy as a card game

A conversational experience even the most inexperienced manager can use to facilitate positive career journeys for employees and lasting results for teams and companies

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Managers are expected to coach and provide career guidance. 

But only 1 in 10 people possess the skills to do so*

Managers are often chosen based on their merits as individual contributors, not their skills as coaches or mentors. Managers often believe they are coaching, when they are actually just telling employees what to do.

How do you equip managers for coaching conversations?

Career Conversations provides an intuitive framework for facilitating career conversations.

How it works

An effective career conversation in just 3 easy steps using Career Cards


Select Your Motivators









Knowledge & Expertise



Narrow to your top 5


Place each card on a scale from “Needs met” to “Needs unmet”

Needs Met




Knowledge & Expertise


Needs Not Met

Employee-driven career development, at scale


Proven & Tested Words & Process

Career Cards has been battle-tested through hundreds of conversations and dozens of iterations


Little to no training required

The experience is intuitive and can be used right away. Experience doesn’t matter, the process works for both new and seasoned managers.


Employee Driven, Manager Supported

Each employee gets their own deck and resource access to signal the company cares about them and what they want


Boosted learning through physical object

A physical tool to help drive an abstract conversation—”You get a learning boost by using physical objects”*

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Individual Experience


1 Deck


Conversation Guide


Career Mini-course

  • Your Career Roadmap
  • Putting It Into Practice
  • Your Career Board of Directors
  • Additional Career Tips & Guides

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Team Pack


6 Decks (for you + 5 team members)


Conversation Guide + Mini-Course for Each Person


Manager Career Mini-Course

  • Manager Conversation Guide
  • Manager Guide for Ongoing Support
  • Team-based exercises

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What our happy customers have to say

This will be perfect for my next conversation with my boss! Such a fun way to make this often hard conversation more accessible.

Mark M

It’s hard for people to organize their thoughts and know what to tell a manager. Career Conversations gives employees a clear way to talk openly.

Ashley P

This kind of thing is Extremely Useful. And at this price it’s a steal. Career Conversations will be my go-to for conversations with my team this next year.

Matt F

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the words come from?

We drew inspiration from multiple existing sources (we reviewed 12 different card decks and values exercises as part of our research). We started with a list of 76 motivators and values and conducted rapid user testing while we scaled back to 50 words in 5 categories that were broad and resonated with across multiple tests. We haven’t defined the words because the point isn’t a specific definition—it’s about the conversation.

What's the experience like for employees?

Each employee is sent their own deck and access to the exercise + other materials. This puts them in the driver’s seat so they they are armed and invited to schedule this with their manager in an upcoming 1:1.

Many employees find it helpful to go through the exercise before they meet with their manager to give them time for reflection.

How does this work remotely?

Using the physical cards is part of what makes the activity engaging and impactful. Thus we don’t have a fully remote version. We encourage both the employee and the manager to have a deck when doing the exercise remotely.

We also have future plans for a light webapp to help the conversation over zoom.

When do we write down the plan moving forward?

The core exercise centers around motivators. The conversation guide walks through questions about the past, present, and future of those motivators.

Following this rich conversation about what drives your career, the Career Roadmap Exercise included in the additional resources guides participants through capturing what actions they will take now and what plans they have for the future to ensure continued career growth.

How can we test this out at our company?

For companies considering a larger rollout we advise you start with our pilot which includes a session to get initial managers primed, decks + online resources for 15 team members, decks + manager resources for 3 managers.