How to Accomplish Anything in 10 Minutes

written by  Ryan Seamons

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a small amount of time when you set the environment right. The 10-minute photo challenge was created by Jordan Matter. He shoots dozens of amazing photos in just 10 minutes.

I like two things that Jordan does to make these hyper-productive 10 minutes :

  1. Extreme Preparation
  2. Find Creativity by Leveraging Constraints

High performance always requires preparation. What seems easy was usually very hard to get ready.

And constraints are oddly freeing at times. When you have no guardrails or requirements, it can be tricky to know how to even get started. Setting an artificial constraint with your team at work or your kids at home helps rebound when you’re in a funk. That’s all any game is — artificial constraints.

What can you accomplish with 10 minutes?

About the Author

Ryan Seamons
writes about more human approaches to modern management.

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