Navigate critical manager conversations with confidence

Step-by-step toolkits to guide landmark conversations at work

Give Your Team Clarity

Our hands-on toolkits have been built for specific critical work conversations and battle-tested through user research. Each toolkits helps you and your employees get aligned and drive work forward.

A physical tool in your hands to drive conversation forward

These conversations can be deceptively difficult, a tool in your hands you and your team will have more confidence.

Even inexperienced managers can make an impact

Designed so inexperienced leaders can make an impact without extensive training.

Learn modern leadership fundamentals

Learn new skills so that you can facilitate incredible conversations with your team.

Career Clarity

A fast, fun way to talk about what matters most at work

Trusted by managers at top companies

“This will be my go-to for conversations with my team this next year.”

Engineering Manager, Apple

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